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Параплан для маршрутных полётов от компании Аэрос.


Paraglider Mirage

Paraglider Mirage was designed especially for XC flights.

So the main purpose was to create a comfortable wing with superb for this class flying characteristics.

To make this we tried several different airfoils and suspension line schemes. It tooks a long time but at least we obtained a wing at which we obtained optimum combination of such opposite characteristics as passive safety and glide, ability to climb at low lifts and high speed at glide.

Mirage is a 3-liner with AR=6.0 with diagonal ribs of D-rib construction (each 3-rd rib is suspended). For reinforcement of ribs heads we use trilam combined with plastic string which allowed to decrease weight and to increase stiffness. For standard wing we propose coated lines for ease of use on the wild hills. Break handles attaché to risers by strong magnets covered with fabric.

For ambitious pilots we propose option “sport-kit” with uncovered lines of top stage, thin (12mm) risers, pulleys with ball bearings and swivels on the break handles.


Technical characteristics 

Size S M L XL
Area, m2 24.5 25.93 27.5 29.5
Span, m 12.15 12.5 12.85 13.33
Aspect Ratio 6 6 6 6
Area Proj., m2 21.63 22.9 24.28 26.1
Span Proj., m 10.08 10.37 10.68 11.1
Aspect Ratio Proj. 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7
Cells 57 57 57 57
Take Off Weight, kg 75 - 90 85 - 100 95 - 115 105 - 125
Certification   EN B    




- Top and bottom surfaces - Porcher Skytex medium finish
- Ribs - Porcher Skytex hard finish
- Lines - Cousin Trestec Aramid


Color Options

Available colors on request


Set of Delivery

- wing
- comfortable roomy backpack (volume 180 l)
- light packing bag
- users manual
- bag for risers
- banding Velcro tape
- repair kit


Users manual paraglider Mirage >

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