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En-D glider for professionals and competitors.


Paraglider Space

Meet the newest sports paraglider in class D by Sky Country!

The team of professional pilots, engineers of Sky Country spent many years developing and developing this wing
We have been creating and adapting this wing for many years and have produced around ten paragliders that can be considered to be prototypes of Space: two- and three-liners, with and without Air Scoop, with aspect ratio from 6.5 to 7.5. The prototypes have successfully made long distance flights and have won places in competitions while our R&D team was approaching the optimal decision.

Philosophy of Space

Space of 2018 model year is a three-liner with aspect ratio of 7 units, Air Scoop system, that optimizes internal pressure in the wing on different angles of attack. New Space, as its predecessor EvoX remained to be a simple and safe wing (as for class D), while having very good flight characteristics. We present our wing in the lower part of class D. Space will allow you to feel comfortably even in difficult weather conditions. Its philosophy is not to prevent the pilot to fly where he is going to and not to steel the pilot’s attention from achieving tactical and distance tasks by its folding up, shaking, deloading and even by rashing above the head. 

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Design features

The wing construction is at top difficulty level of a modern paraglider:

- three-line design. We refused from two-line design as we believe that 3-line design allows the pilot to feel the wing better and makes it safer and simpler. Besides the three-liner can easily start at calm wind
- new airfoil with air scoop system
- new shape of the wing that allows to adjust correct angles of attack while using the accelerator
- diagonal ribs of a new design that allow to reduce total length of the lines by supporting four sections at a time
- new risers with ball bearing pulleys and optimized usage of accelerator. A very comfortable effort on the bar!
- double 3D cut of a leading edge to minimize the number of wrinkles
- long plastic reinforcements in the front part of the airfoil
- plastic reinforcements in the back part of the airfoil
- completely unsheated lines Edelrid A8000U
- shortering system on the trailing edge

We use top quality materials for production of Space and all other paragliders: NCV Skytex fabric, Edelrid lines.

Technical data

size S M L
flat surface, m2 21.5 23 24.5
aspect ratio 7 7 7
V min, km/h 25 25 25
V max, km/h 60 60 60
Vy min, m/s
in-flight weight, kg 70 - 90 80 - 100 90 - 110
EN   En - D  



sail fabrics   Skytex 9017 E29A, E25A
lines   Edelrid A8000U
risers    12 mm 1100 daN
connectors   Maillon Rapide


Color schemes



Certification documents:
Air Turquoise test report (Space M) >

SC-Space-manual (en/ru) >